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Описание фотографии (ЕГЭ / ВПР 11 класс)

Продолжаем делиться полезностями для подготовки к экзаменам и проверочным работам.

Сегодня речь пойдет об описании фотографий в ЕГЭ / ВПР в 11 классе.
Ловите список полезных фраз и идей для оформления ответа.

1. Вступление

Прежде всего, обязательна техническая фраза – I’ve chosen photo 1 / 2 / 3 – чтобы уточнить, какую фотографию вы собираетесь описывать.

- Would you like to see my holiday photos?

- Please, have a look at this photo. Isn’t it nice?

- As you know, I took up photography last year. I’ve taken a lot of photos and here is one of them.

2. Где и когда сделано фото:

- I took it 3 months / 2 years ago. It was in autumn / in September / during my winter holidays.

- The photo was taken by my mother / brother / friend.

- At that time I was travelling in Europe. My parents and I were spending holidays in Sochi. We were celebrating my sister’s birthday.

- I took it last weekend when I was having a walk in the park. I had a busy week preparing for exams and decided to have a little rest.

3а. Кто на фотографии:

- The picture shows a girl / boy sitting at the table / standing near the car. She is my sister / He is my brother.

- In the foreground you can see a group of people. This is my family: my mother, my father, my brother and me.

- She / He is dressed casually. She / He is wearing … .

- She / He looks happy / tired / pretty / surprised / interested.

3б. Что на фотографии:

- In the background there are mountains / trees.

- On the left / right of the photo there is a road / a building.

- You can also see a bridge / some houses in the photo.

4. Что происходит на фотографии

- We are walking / playing / watching…

- My sister is smiling at the camera / walking towards me.

- We are having fun / enjoying ourselves.

5. Почему ты хранишь это фото в альбоме:

- The reason I keep the photo is because I wanted to remember this wonderful moment forever.

- This photo reminds me of the great holidays that we had that time.

- My sister is studying in Moscow now and I don’t see her very often so I look at this photo when I miss her.

- I keep the photo in my album to use it later in my portfolio / to show to my friends.

- I keep this photo because I like taking pictures and I keep the best photos in my album.

6. Почему ты решил показать это фото другу:

- I decided to show you this photo as I know you always like to look through my holiday pictures.

- I wanted to show it to you because I wanted to share the wonderful memories of the trip with you.

- … because you have never seen my sister and it can help you understand what she is like. Do we look alike? I think we do.

- … because this is one of my best photos.

8. Заключение

- So, now you realize why I’m so fond of this photo. I hope you like it, too.

- That’s all I wanted to say.

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